It might seem crazy what I’m about to say…

…but my tumor has made me a better person.

The exciting news this week continues.  In the past week, I learned that my MRI was clear and my brain is tumor free, and this past Friday night, the Connecticut Brain Tumor Alliance celebrated its tenth anniversary and also brought me some exciting news that I can now share with you.

The news here will be short and sweet as the video below says it all:

Thank you, CTBTA, for the kind introduction and for entrusting me to lead this organization and take us to the next level.  I am eager and excited to start this next chapter in my life and to continue bettering the lives of those afflicted with this disease, and as our mission statement states: “to be the resource for brain tumor patients and caregivers in Connecticut and the driving force in making Connecticut a center of excellence for patient care, brain tumor treatment, and research for the cure.”

Here’s to much success in the days and years ahead!  I can, “because I’m happy.”

One thought on “It might seem crazy what I’m about to say…”

  1. A massive congratulations is in order Chris!
    This will be a massive undertaking, one which I am sure you will do wonderfully. Only one who is truly traversing this difficult voyage of surviving with a brain tumor, will truly be up for this challenge, and understand the magnitude of what is needed to drive others through the path of survivorship. Congratulations again

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