Hey Brother

In keeping with the tradition of having a family member write an entry, I turn this over to my brother Stephen.  However, as you can see, I did not ask him to write an entry.  Rather, I have decided to post his toast/speech as the Best Man at my wedding.   Give him another few years and then look for him on the Grammy’s.

“The water is sweet but the blood is thicker.”  At first glance, my brother Stephen may seem like he cares about a few key things: food, sleep and music.  But quickly you learn (and as you will soon see) that he may be the deepest of all our family members, and I love that about him.

A special thanks to Lenny for capturing this moment!  And I can’t thank you enough Stephen and Mary for this tribute.

8 thoughts on “Hey Brother”

  1. Beautiful speech, beautiful duet, beautiful wedding…one of the most special days of my very blessed life…Dad

  2. The toast and tribute was absolutely beautiful, I love the love that these siblings share for one another…Susie (Guida’s)

  3. I love this family, and it was a beautiful wedding for such a beautiful couple. Stephen speech was very moving.

  4. I wanted to tell you that you’re blog is gr8! I’m a 2x brain tumor survivor and know everydays a gift…nothing should be taken for granted.

    Keep fighting Warrior and so much respect 🙂


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